1. The Wallacetown Fair Poultry Show this year is being staged with the assistance of and in co-operation with the Elgin-Middlesex Poultry and Pigeon Association. The Show secretary and other helpers are volunteer members of the Elgin-Middlesex Poultry and Pigeon Association. Although this is not an “APA.” Sanctioned Show, the Rules of competition will be based on the guidelines established by the American Poultry Association, one of the oldest livestock organizations in North America. The new revised APA Standard of Perfection shall be the guide of the Judge. The Judge’s decisions are final.


  1. Poultry Show Schedule

Friday 29 September – optional cooping in. Birds may be delivered between 4 pm and 8 pm.

Saturday 30 September – 8 to 11 am cooping in. All Entries must be in place by 11 am.

  • 1 pm Judging commences.
  • 3:30 pm – Junior Exhibitors Showmanship Seminar
  • Exhibitors may remove their entries between 5 and 6 pm.

Sunday 1 October –Display of any remaining poultry, open for public viewing until removal by Exhibitors between 4 and 6 pm.

  1. While in the show cages birds will be fed and watered by the volunteer staff  throughout the Fair.


  1. Showmanship Seminar (tentative) – a sign up list will be available at the poultry building for Junior Exhibitors (17 and under) to confirm their interest in participating in this learning opportunity. Program will be adjusted to suit different age categories of participants if needed.


  1. We will not be accepting entries for pigeons, rabbits, or cavies this year.


  1. Display cages will be supplied for Large and Bantam Chickens, Ducks and Guinea Fowl classes. Exhibitors showing Geese and Turkeys must supply their own cages. Some classes may have to be doubled cooped at the Show Secretary’s discretion.


  1. Exhibitors may enter any of the Breeds and varieties of Poultry which are recognized by the American Poultry Association as listed on the APA website (https://amerpoultryassn.com/). This year the Wallacetown Fair Poultry Show will offer a class for every recognized Breed for which entry applications are received. However, if Exhibitors have more than one variety of the same breed the different varieties will all compete in the same Class under the Breed name. Acknowledging that certain colour varieties are very popular, after entries are received in any Class where twelve or more birds are of one breed are entered for competition, the Show Secretary will have the discretionary right to make an additional Class for a particular variety(s) of the Breed, (Most APA recognized varieties are differentiated by plumage colour or other characteristics mentioned in the APA Standard descriptions).


  1. Within each Class, competition is divided into 4 Sections (Applicable section to be indicated for each bird you enter):


  • cock/old male (hatched previous year or earlier)
  • hen/old female (hatched previous year or earlier)
  • cockerel/young male (hatched in current year)
  • pullet/young female (hatched in current year)

In each of these Sections, cash prizes will be: First: $4.00; Second: $3.00; Third: $2.00.

  1. In Sections of Classes, if there is only one Exhibitor entered, the Judge shall be empowered to award a second, a third or no prize, where the Judge considers the Exhibit does not merit a first prize.


  1. In any Class, Exhibitors may show as many entries as they wish.


  1. Poultry Show Entry Forms will be required for the Poultry Competition. The forms will be available on the Wallacetown Fair website by 1 August 2022, questions or entry forms can be submitted to the Poultry Show Secretary appointed by the Elgin-Middlesex Poultry and Pigeon Association: Morgaine Halpin.


  1. Entry Fee will be $2.00 per entry for all entries, except Junior Exhibitors (17 and under), from whom no entry fee is required for any entries they wish to make, (see #17 for Junior Exhibitor information).


  1. Advance entries will be very much appreciated. Entries can also be accepted at the Poultry Show building, particularly from junior exhibitors.


  1. Entries will be accepted up to the capacity of the showroom. Priority will be given to entries received in advance but, subject to timing and practicalities, this entry limitation would be applied on a pro-rate basis to allow participation by as many Exhibitors as feasible.


  1. Any bird(s) showing signs of sickness will be removed from the showroom immediately. This will be strictly enforced.


  1. All reasonable precautions will be taken to protect property, including Exhibits, however the Wallacetown Agricultural Society and the Elgin Middlesex Poultry and Pigeon Association will not be held responsible for any losses.


  1. Junior Exhibitors – 17 years of age and under.


Junior Exhibitors are invited to enter poultry in one or both of the following options. If both, different birds must be shown in Open and Junior Classes. In all cases be sure the Show Secretary is informed that you are a Junior Exhibitor.


  1. Junior Exhibitors may enter their poultry of A.P.A. recognized breeds in the open poultry competition in the regular poultry show classes. In addition to competing for prize money and awards offered in the Open show Classes to all Exhibitors, the Judge will select commendable entries exhibited by Juniors for special Awards.


  1. Junior Exhibitors may also, or instead, exhibit any poultry they wish to enter in the following Junior show competition categories, which may be recognized breeds, but do not need to be:


Brown egg layer types – Hen or Pullet.

White egg layer types– Hen or Pullet.

Layers of other coloured eggs – Hen or Pullet.

Rooster of any above categories of chickens.

Growing Stock – 2 immature birds of any of the above categories of chickens.

Growing Stock – 2 immature chickens of types raised for meat production.

Bantam sized chicken – rooster.

Bantam sized chicken- hen or pullet.

Duck, male or female.